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The Weapons II

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1 The Weapons II on Mon Dec 28, 2015 2:41 pm

Sim Taika Kamina

This is Weapons II. Here's where we'll be post weapons we made and how we made them. Please remember to include what you did and what you used to make your weapon and if you had help.You do not have to have made your weapons yourself to post here but please to remember to acknowledge if some one helped you and be courteous to others.

2 Chele's Daggers "Cleave and Edge" on Wed Dec 30, 2015 2:56 pm

Chele Arc Nul

Chele’s Daggers Cleave and Edge
Okay, so I was really excited to see how larp weapons were made. I hadn’t made any before and Tamasi was awesome and offered to help if we got the foam, tape, and pipe. So after we had all the material we headed over. She had me draw out my design, which at first I didn’t realize were to be draw to scale but daggers or short swords I’m good (And These are Awesome Thank you again Tamasi). She used my design to cut out four pieces of foam and cut two pieces of pipe the right size. The pipe was put in between the foam so we had to foam knife sandwiches which were then wrapped in duct tape and done! My first foam weapons! I’m excited and looking forward to making more.

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